Job Postings

Looking for a job in ministry? Summit Christian College receives many job postings from churches throughout the Midwest. Look through our listings of current job openings provided by churches:

Does your organization have a job vacancy they would like shared on our page? Please complete this job post form and send it to, you may also call our Business Office during regular hours at (308) 632-6933. 

Senior Minister, First Christian Church, O'Neill, NE

Posted 09/14/2022

Associate Pastor of Family Ministries, Westshore Christian Church, Holland, MI

Posted 09/02/2022

Lead Pastor, Thurston Christian Church, Springfield, OR

Posted 08/16/2022

Youth Minister, Kimball Christian Church, Kimball, MN

Posted 06/22/2022

Youth Minister, North Christian Church, Cheyenne, WY

Posted 06/22/2022

Bayard Church of Christ, Bayard Church of Christ, Bayard, NE

Posted 06/09/2022

Senior Minister, Highmore Church of Christ, Highmore, SD

Posted 04/25/2022

Lead Pastor, Northglenn Christian Church, Northglenn, CO

Posted 04/25/2022

Senior/Lead Pastor, Yates Baptist Church, Lyndonville, NY

Posted 04/21/2022

Part-time Preaching Minister, Hillcrest Christian Church, McKinney, TX

Posted 04/04/2022

Youth Minister, Cornerstone Christian Church, Eau Claire, WI

Posted 03/11/2022

Full-Time Pastor, Springfield Community Bible Church, Springfield, SD

Posted 03/07/2022

Children's Minister, Gateway Christian Church, Clarksville, TN

Posted 02/17/2022

Youth Minister, Myrtle Beach Christian Church, Myrtle Beach, SC

Posted 02/17/2022

Campus Minister, Jerome Christian Church (JCC), Greentown, IN

Posted 01/31/2022

Summer Camp Counselor, Cross Bar X Youth Ranch, Durango, CO

Posted 01/31/2022

Youth Minister, Eastview Christian Church, Martinsville, IN

Posted 01/17/2022

Worship Minister - Full Time, Central Christian Church, Rockford, IL

Posted 11/10/2021

Full-Time Youth/Associate Pastor, Oakley Christian Church, Oakley, KS

Posted 11/09/2021

Full-time Pastor, Memorial Christian Church, Canby, MN

Posted 10/15/2021 or

Minister, Memorial Christian Church, Bartlesville, OK

Posted 10/05/2021

Delta Christian Church, Delta Christian Church, Delta, CO

Posted 09/23/2021

Preaching Minister, Yuma Christian Church, Yuma, CO

Posted 08/30/2021

Family Life & Youth Minister, Worthington Christian Church, Worthington, MN

Posted 08/30/2021

Youth Minister, First Christian Church, Beaver, OK

Posted 05/11/2021

Youth Pastor, Evangelical Free Church of Sidney, Sidney, NE

Posted 05/11/2021

Youth Minister, Norwin Christian Church, Irwin, PA

Posted 05/11/2021

Minister, Hays Christian Church, Hays, KS

Posted 04/27/2021

Youth & Family Minister, Kingsway Christian Church, Omaha, NE

Posted 02/26/2021

Associate Minister, Yuma Christian Church, Yuma, CO

Posted 01/25/2021


Senior Minister, Lexington Christian Church, Lexington, NE

Posted 12/30/2020

Senior Minister, Edgerton Church of Christ, Edgerton, OH

Posted 12/07/2020

Full-Time Pastor, Central Islip Church of Christ, Central Islip, NY

Posted 12/02/2020

Senior Minister, First Christian Church, Havre de Grace, MD

Posted 11/11/2020

Summer Youth Intern, First Christian Church, Hugoton, KS

Posted 10/16/2020

Full-Time Youth Minister, East Union Christian Church, Atlanta, IN

Posted 08/14/2020

Children/Youth Minister, First Christian Church, Stilwell, OK

Posted 07/30/2020

Preacher, New Hope Christian Church, Lander, WY

Posted 07/6/2020 (307) 335-7965

Preaching Minister, First Christian Church, Wellington, TX

Posted 06/11/2020

Children's Pastor, Christian Fellowship Church, Cando, ND

Posted 5/26/2020

Full-time Pastor, Christian Church of Riverton, Riverton, WY

Posted 5/26/2020  Christian Church of Riverton, WY 

Children & Family Minister, The Foundry: a Christian Church, Rapid City, SD

Posted 3/6/2020

Student Minister, Christway Christian Church, Martinez, GA

Posted 2/27/2020

Minister, G3 Church, Frederick, MD

Posted 1/31/2020

NOTE: These listings are posted as a courtesy and are in no way an endorsement to a specific church, community, denomination, or ministry. Please contact the church or business directly about the job posting you are interested in. Summit Christian College can not provide more information than what is already posted.