At Summit Christian College, our mission is to educate leaders for Christian service. Your education will be based firmly upon Biblical knowledge and training. Whether you want to pursue a bachelor's degree or simply take a core class or two, Summit can help you prepare to become a Christian leader.

If this is what you are seeking in a college, Summit is the place for you.

Visit with Emilie Yates, our Director of Recruitment Services, and ask her why she and other SCC graduates chose Summit. She can help you discover what your God-sized adventure could look like. 

Emilie Yates

Director of Recruitment Services

Admissions Office Hours:

Mon-Fri  8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

(308) 632-6933

Other Helpful Information

We strive to offer affordability without compromising the quality of a Bible-focused education. Estimate your annual cost,  find scholarships and other available student financial aid. 

We are blessed to to offer a Bible-based education to students outside of the United States who have a passion for Christ. Find out if you qualify. 

We know having a child go to college is a big step for parents, too. We'll help make the process as easy to under-stand as possible with resources and links to guide you through.