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Transfer Students

Prospective students who wish to transfer credit from another institution should follow the General Admission Procedures. Additionally, during the application process, they must provide Summit Christian College with an official transcript of credit from all previous institutions attended.

The registrar’s office will evaluate all transfer credit on a case-by-case basis. The amount of credit received will depend on the student’s prior academic performance and desired degree program. The registrar will evaluate courses for transferability based on the level of difficulty, course description, and nature and content of the course.

After evaluating all transcripts, the Registrar’s Office will inform transfer students of the number of credit hours and required courses they need to take for their degree program.

Summit Christian College will not apply transfer credit until the official transcripts have been received and evaluated by the registrar’s office and the student has enrolled in classes. Summit Christian College will not accept transfer credits for courses with a grade below 2.0.

Students transferring in credit must take a minimum of 32 semester hours of credit for the B.S./B.A. or 16 semester hours of credit for the A.A. from SCC in order to receive their degree.

Students transferring to Summit Christian College must be in good financial standing with all previous institutions they have attended, either having paid all outstanding bills or being current on any financial agreements. Students who become delinquent on their financial agreements with other institutions of higher learning will not be allowed to enroll in classes.

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