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Information for Parents

We care about the long-term success of your child! From safety on campus to homework help and from ministry involvement to graduation job landings, we strive for every student to succeed!


Student Life

What safety measures are in place?

Like many colleges, Summit uses a text emergency notification system to inform of an incident or possible threat on campus with instructions of what to do. This is free and available to all students, faculty and staff.  Our campus is equipped with a keyless entry that requires a programmed swipe card for entry. In the Residence Halls each room is privately keyed with a metal key.  We also have regular fire drills and security cameras on campus. Contact our Dean of Students for more information:

What kind of academic help can my child receive?

Our student to full-time faculty ratio is 7:1, so students can easily ask for clarifications on assignments and receive individual assistance. Tutoring is also available on campus.

Are students required to live on campus? 

Yes. All single students under the age of 22 are required to live on campus or live with parents, grandparents, or married sibling near the school.

How far are the dorms from the classrooms?

All of your campus needs are conveniently located in one single level building with five different halls/wings. It is a five-minute walk from dorms to classrooms or to the library. 

Can my child request their roommate and dorm room?

Yes, on the housing application you can request what kind of room you want and whom you would like to room with or if you would like a single room.  Single rooms do cost more. We will do our best to accommodate those requests as rooms are available.

Are the rooms furnished? 

Yes. Major essential items are included with the room.  They also come with private toilet and sink. Please contact the Dean of Students for a complete list of what is and is not provided and allowed in the dorms.

Is there internet access in the dorm rooms? 

Yes, each room comes with internet access and most of the campus has wireless internet.

Do residence halls have laundry facilities? 

Yes, each hall includes a laundry room containing washing machines and dryers. Students will need to bring their own detergents, softeners, etc. and make sure they are HE acceptable. Using non-HE elements will ruin the machines.  Machines take quarters.  It is $1.25 to wash, and $1.25 to dry.

How are the residence halls cleaned? 

Students are expected to maintain clean and orderly rooms. All students participate in a rotation of cleaning responsibilities for the upkeep of the public areas and shared facilities. 

What appliances can we bring to the dorm?

Students may keep a personal refrigerator in their room if it is no larger than 5 cubic feet. Due to local fire regulations, microwaves are not permitted in rooms. Microwaves for student use are provided in residence hall lounges.

Can students have a car on campus? 

Yes, students may have cars on campus.  There is a designated student parking lot for your use with no additional charge.



How much money can I expect to spend on college?

Our average full-time student pays less than $9,000 a year. Our quality is not lacking but rather generous supporters have already paid for over 70% of what an SCC education costs. Check out our cost calculator to figure your estimated cost.

What kind of financial aid is available?

Pell Grants are also available for students who qualify. To start financial aid, you must first complete FAFSA. Please contact our financial aid department for more information and next steps.

When should we fill out FAFSA?

The short answer is as soon as possible.  You will be using tax data from two years prior to the year you are enrolling for. FAFSA will become available October 1 for the year before the start of the Academic Term. So, for the 2019-2020 Academic year, the FAFSA will be available October 1, 2018. It will use the 2017 federal tax return data. Our scholarships also help to reduce college costs. Besides getting a scholarship for getting good grades in high school, you can get your whole senior year at Summit tuition free by keeping your grades up.


Can we set up a payment plan?

Yes, payment plans are easy to set up and usually very manageable. They require 20% of your bill to be paid up front and the remaining can be broken down into equal monthly payments over the course of the semester. Contact our Finance department at once your child is registered for classes to determine what your payments will look like.




All of our programs focus on deepening biblical foundation and equipping strong Christian leaders whether they serve in church leadership, the mission field or in their community.  Our faculty have decades of experience both in local ministries and in long term missions. They not only have past experience but they are also actively involved currently. They are passionate about pouring their knowledge and experience into your child’s success.


How will my child get plugged into a local church?

As part of our degree program, students select a ministry they would like to learn more about, and we help them get connected with a local mentor in that ministry

Are you accredited?

We are an accredited institution through the Association of Biblical Higher Education.

Will my child be able to get a ministry position upon graduation?

We have connections with many churches and organizations that are looking to hire SCC graduates for a variety of positions. No position is guaranteed, but we trust God to put the right people in the right positions.


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