Cost and Financial Aid

At Summit Christian College, we strive to offer affordability without compromising the quality of a Bible-focused education

Over two-thirds of the annual cost to attend Summit Christian College has already been provided for by faithful supporters who believe in giving you the opportunity to pursue God's call to "go and make disciples" without being burdened by financial debt. 

That is why we are able to keep our students' cost of attendance low, and their ability to achieve and serve high. 

By graduating debt-free you are more free to serve the Kingdom.

Office of Student Financial Aid

(308) 632-6933, Ext 216

Summit Christian College does not participate in a Direct Loan Program and instead only offers Pell Grants to ensure all our students graduate free of student loan debt.


How Much is Summit?

The following is an estimate of the cost to attend SCC for one year:

Figures are based on a full-time student enrolled in 15 credit hours for two semesters, living on campus in a double occupancy room. All prices are subject to change. See page 16 of our current Catalog for current fees. 


  • Full time tuition = $6,150             

  • Dorms = $1,900

  • Student fees (IT/Library, YMCA, etc.) = $500

Estimated Annual Cost = $8,550

Additional Cost of Attendance:​

  • Textbooks = $300

Our professors strive to select textbooks that will be useful resources in class as well as after graduation, meet course objectives, and remain affordable to students.

  • Logos Bible Software package called ABHE Essentials = $350 one-time fee

All first-time SCC students are required to purchase this software through SCC. This one-time fee will be billed at the time of registration. See Logos page for more information. 

  • Average Food Cost = $2,000      

Part of keeping our costs low is allowing our students to prepare their own meals, purchase their own groceries, or eat out.

  • Personal Necessities = $1,000

This figure will vary from student to student depending on their personal needs.

Net Price Calculator

Please use the financial information on this page and the tuition calculator to determine the estimated cost of attendance specific to your needs. 

Effective Fees

Traditional Program Tuition and Fees

(Effective Fall 2019)

  • Tuition per hour

    • Standard: $210 per credit hour

    • Audit: $50 per credit hour

  • IT Fee: $5 per hour

  • Library Fee: $5 per hour

BRIDGE  Course Fees

(Effective Spring 2021)

  • Tuition per course

    • First course: $305 per semester

    • Standard: $210 per credit hour

    • Audit: $50 per credit


Dorm Rent Per Semester

(Effective August 2019)

  • Double Occupancy: $950

  • Single Occupancy: $1225

  • Super Single Occupancy: $1500


One Time Fees

  • Application Fee: $35

  • New Student Orientation Fee: $50

  • Access Card/Student ID: $10

  • Graduation Fee: $100

  • Logos ABHE Essentials software: $350


Refundable Deposits

  • Dorm Reservation/Damage Deposit:  $150

  • Dorm Key Deposit: $5

  • Mailbox Key Deposit: $5


YMCA Fees Per Semester

  • Single (initial signup): $132.50

  • Single (returning, age 26 and under): $108

  • Single (returning, age 27 and over): $124

  • Family (initial signup): $198.50

  • Family (returning): $121.50


*All Prices Subject to Change


NOTE: All fees are due in full on the day of enrollment. A minimum of 25% of the semester tuition and dorm rent is due at the time of enrollment. Payments may be made in the form of cash, check, or major credit card.

Students may view our Academic Eligibility, Satisfactory Academic Program, and Return to Title IV Policies here.