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Join a community where spiritual growth is prioritized

Mentored Ministry


Relationships are important! That's why we ask our students to team up with mentors from local congregations to practice ministry in their areas of interest. Throughout the semester, students serve with the church or organization, which helps fulfill the mission, goals and objectives of the ministry.Through this Mentored Ministry program you will gain hands-on experience, which prepares you for your future in ministry.

Mission Trips


Do you want travel and share the good news of Christ in different parts of the world? Our missions opportunities include serving churches, communities and families in Mexico, leading ministry in Colombia, learning new culture in Hong Kong, and networking with missionaries worldwide at the International Conference on Missions (ICOM). 

Summer Camp Teams
Do you love summer, camps, and kids? Become a member of our SCC camp team! Summer camp teams offer students interested in youth and children’s ministry the opportunity to get hands-on experience with teaching, preaching, counseling, and leading small groups, while networking with pastors and ministry leaders for future job opportunities. Student camp team members also help recruit future SCC students!

Our Dorms

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