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International Students

At Summit, we are blessed to to offer a Bible-based education to students outside of the United States who have a passion for Christ. 

International students who wish to enroll should initially meet these requirements before beginning the admissions process:

  • Submit a reference from an individual or organization closely connected with, known to, or in the same brotherhood as Summit Christian College (Churches of the Restoration) before the applicant will be granted admission. 

  • If English is not the official language of your country of origin, you will need to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

  • Submit a completed Application for Admission online including email addresses for three character references not related to you (one of which needs to be a pastor, church leaders, or spiritual mentor), $35 application fee, a recent photograph of yourself, your immunization records (or proof that you are healthy enough for communal living), your transcripts from all educational institutions you have attended, and bank statements and/or sponsor letters proving you have funds to pay for this education ($12,600 American per year).  

  • We do not offer scholarships specific to International students. You are responsible for raising your own funds. 

If you would like to visit directly with our Admissions office, please call (308) 632-6933 or email

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