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Degrees & Majors


Bachelor of Arts: Major in Biblical Studies

A degree designed to prepare students for ministry positions, missions, or graduate school.  This degree has an emphasis on the study of the original languages of the Bible.

Bachelor of Science: Major in Biblical Studies

Designed to prepare students for ministry positions, missions, or graduate school.  Students can focus their ministry degree on emphases such as, missions, preaching and teaching, church leadership, youth, and family education. 

Bachelor of Science: Major in Christian Studies

Designed for students who have already received a BA/BS/AA or have 48 transferable credit hours in the appropriate areas and desire a career or degree change in order to pursue missions, pastoral, youth or family ministry. 


Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree may select an emphasis in the following:

  • Family Education in the Church

  • Youth Education in the Church

  • Preaching and Teaching

  • Church Leadership

  • Missions

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

Designed for students who desire to serve in a local church, serve as a mission support role (an administrative position), or go on to complete a major in a field of study not available at SCC.  Students can take many of their general education courses in a Christian environment and receive a solid Biblical foundation. 

Associate of Arts in Christian Studies

Designed for students who would like to complete an associate degree at SCC and an associate degree at a community college or have completed an associate degree at another institution and are seeking an associate degree from a Christian college. 


Certificate in Christian Foundations

Designed to give students a firm foundation in their faith in Christ as they go out into the secular workplace or into the local church.  It equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to stand firm in the faith and share it with those around them.

For specific details, including curricular objectives, required courses, and sample course sequences, please view pages 58-73 in our current Academic Catalog.

Alternative Enrollment

Alternative Enrollment Options

*All classes can be taken on campus or at a distance through the Summit Bridge. 


Spiritual and Professional Development:

Being a Spiritual and Professional Development student offers you an opportunity to earn college credit at a manageable pace before committing to a specific degree program. No matter your age or how you are serving, connecting with other Christian leaders and learning from each other provides incredible community and ministry motivation to keep you strong and growing. Choose courses that fit into your schedule and take them on campus or at a distance through Summit Bridge. 


High school juniors and seniors:

You can earn up to 12 hours of dual credit and get a head start on your college education even if you aren’t sure what you want to major in yet. Spiritual and Professional Development cultivates a biblical foundation that will help you develop leadership skills you can use right now. Deepening your biblical knowledge will help you grow as a Christian leader for the rest of your life whether you serve in full time ministry or not. 



Through this non-credit option, you will connect with a community of other Christian leaders looking to learn and grow. This is a great way to keep your mind and ministry skills sharp without the pressure of homework and tests. Join us on campus or through the Summit Bridge. 

Expanded Course Offerings:

Tailor your education to your specific interests and goals by taking courses from both SCC and Western Nebraska Community College. This allows you to take advantage of the strengths and specializations of both institutions. 



What is Summit BRIDGE?

  • An online distance learning option utilizing the video conferencing platform, Zoom, for live streaming from the classroom

  • Ideal for those seeking personal and professional development in ministry and leadership, but are unable to attend classes at our campus in Gering, NE

  • Allows students to take real-time courses in their home, office, or other location

  • Available to students living in Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and Hawaii


Summit BRIDGE courses can be taken for audit or credit. Courses taken for credit can be applied to the fulfillment of all certificates and degrees at Summit Christian College or complete our six-course Summit BRIDGE Certificate.


For more information about Summit BRIDGE contact:

Scott Gribble (308) 632-6933, Ext. 217.

Alumni Learning

Alumni Learning

If you are a Summit Christian College or Platte Valley Bible College Alumni, we have a special way for you to return to your love of learning.

Audit courses in person or at a distance through Summit Bridge at a flat rate of $100 per course.

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