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An Outpouring of Support

A Sampling of Gifts to the College

Once again we are delighted to share with you the outcome of our Christmas Wish List Appeal as we express our heartfelt gratitude for the tremendous outpouring of support that Summit Christian College has received yet again this year.

Yes! Thanks to you and all of our friends, we ordered every one of the books itemized in our list. We also purchased two study carrels for the students' use. This is a tremendous boost to our campus library.

Three desktop and two laptop computers that were needed to replace old, poorly functioning computers in our offices have been purchased and are now installed with the needed software. A projector was donated for one of our classrooms.

Kitchen equipment that we listed has been purchased and the new fire door that protects the kitchen is now installed. Even the vacuum cleaner for the boy's dorm has been purchased and is being used.

In addition to all of these important items, we included the campus boiler on our list, since this item was an unexpected blow to our budget. This was a $50,000 expense that simply could not be put off. Thanks to such a tremendous response to this year's Christmas Wish List, this $50,000 hit has ben dramatically reduced to only $5,000.

So here we are again. Astonished.

In celebration of God's greatest gift of all to all of us, in the form of his one and only son Jesus Christ, we want to take this opportunity to praise him for creating in his children the clearly visible spirit of kindness and good will that we find in all of you who have joined us in His service. Thank you for your friendship.

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