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Our faculty are offering these seminars at no cost as a way to serve churches and to help equip those serving in your church. Please join us via Zoom or in person!

Feel free to contact Andi Grant at for more information.

Click here to navigate our marketing resources for the BRIDGE Seminars


Q: What is the cost?

Summit Bridge Seminars are free of charge.  The faculty of Summit Christian College are offering these classes at no cost as a way to serve churches and the seminars are intended to help you equip those that serve in your church.


Q: Are the classes for credit?

Summit Bridge Seminars are not for credit.  But Summit does offer many courses every semester for credit through the Summit Bridge format.  These classes can be taken individually or taken to lead towards a degree or certificate.  See the Fall 2024 schedule for a list of upcoming classes for credit.


Q: How do you sign up?

You can sign up as an individual or as a group from your church or organization.  Just fill out the registration form.


Q: Can I attend on campus?

We look forward to students attending either on campus in Gering or via the Summit Bridge.   Our Gering location is 2025 21st Street.  Seating is limited in the classroom, so please contact the individual professor to reserve your seat.  Seating on the Summit Bridge is not limited.  Those attending on the Summit Bridge can attend from any location with a webcam, audio, and Wi-Fi.


Q: What technology do I need?

In order to participate in a Summit Bridge Seminar, you’ll need a computer, tablet or phone equipped with a webcam, audio, and Wi-Fi.  After registering you’ll be sent a link with specific information on how to login to your desired class.


Q: How long are the seminars?

Summit Bridge Seminars are 45 minutes in length.


Q: What time do they run?

Summit Bridge Seminars will be on Thursday nights from 6:30 to 7:15 p.m.


Q: How do I get the most out of the Summit Bridge Seminars?

We encourage both individuals and groups to register.  Each class will have an “On Your Own” section that will be downloadable the day of the class.  We highly encourage every participant to download this material to continue the learning after the class.  If you register as a group, we encourage you to continue the meeting after the seminar and have a small group discussion to think about how you can specifically apply what you have learned at your church.


Q: Will I have to buy any textbooks or other resources for the seminar?

There is no cost for the Summit Bridge Seminars and there are no required textbooks or resources.  Faculty may have suggested books or resources for your continued learning after the class, but these will all be optional.

Q: I still have questions, who do I call?

Contact Aaron Prohs or Andi Grant with any questions.  You can also call the offices at 308-632-6933.

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