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Military and Veteran’s Education Benefits

Various Summit Christian College courses are approved for the education of veterans. Students who qualify under the Veteran’s Act may secure proper forms for making an application for benefits from their local veteran’s administration office or they may be obtained from the SCC general office or online. Widows and war orphans and wives of 100 percent disabled veterans may also receive VA benefits. This College maintains the following policy for the refund of the unused portion of tuition, fees, and other charges in the event the veteran or other eligible person fails to enter the course, withdraws, or discontinues from the course at any time prior to completion: Should a veteran or other eligible person fail to enter a course, withdraw, or be discontinued from it any time prior to its completion, they will be charged, pro-rata, in terms of tuition, fees, and other charges, only for that portion of the course taken; all other monies will be refunded. For example: if a student withdraws from a course at the end of the fourth week of a sixteen-week semester, he/she be would be responsible for one-fourth of the tuition for the class and any additional funds paid would be refunded to the student.

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