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Registration for Spring 2019 is open

Registration for the Spring 2019 semester is now open. The spring semester classes open the week of January 14, 2019. View the Spring 2019 Class Schedule here.

SCC courses can be taken for credit for those seeking a degree or certificate from Summit Christian College, or can be audited by those simply seeking personal enrichment. Courses are open to high school seniors, traditional or non-traditional college students, and transfer students. Find your fit by checking out Our Degrees page.

Many of our courses also have the option of participation via Zoom's live video-streaming (Summit BRIDGE) for those students unable to attend courses on campus. Learn more about this online option at our Summit BRIDGE page.

If you are a SCC student returning for the Spring semester, your enrollment must be completed by Friday, December 14. See your SCC faculty advisor to enroll for your spring courses.

If you are a new SCC student, you can enroll up until the start of classes on January 14, 2019. Go to our Admissions Page to get started.

We welcome all who are pursuing a biblically-sound education and seeking to become better equipped Christian Leaders. For more information contact us. And

welcome to Spring semester!

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