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Fall Fling was a great thing!

Fall Fling 2018 was a great success! We had a total of 118 high school students and adult sponsors in attendance for the weekend of November 9-11. Through the participation of these students and sponsors, we hit our goal of helping high school students encounter God and help them deepen Christian relationships. We hope many of these students consider Summit Christian College as part of their future.

Isaac Stephanus challenged us through 2 Timothy 2:15 to make everything in our lives about God and not about us, to follow Jesus by being committed to growing in relationship with Him and fulfilling His mission to make disciples, and to study the Word of God. By doing this, we will be approved by God as faithful workmen. Workshop lessons were led by SCC faculty and students.

Professor Aaron Prohs walked through Hebrews 11 and showed how we can be approved by faith. Professor Dave Robinson shared principles to correctly interpret Scripture, so we can be approved to accurately handle the Word of Truth.

SCC Student Bergan Morris taught out of Ephesians 6 and encouraged students to use the armor of the approved. SCC Student Seth Leathermon organized a Spiritual Formation Walk around campus.

As groups moved from station to station they did different activities to help them grow spiritually, such as meditation, encouragement, discussion, Scripture reading, praying, etc. We also had fun activities, sipped Cappuccino and Company coffee, sang meaningful songs, ate great food, and grew stronger friendships!

Next year's Fall Fling will be held on November 8-10. Hope to see you there!

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