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Spring 2017 Dean's List, Honor Roll announced

Summit Christian College faculty, staff, and administration would like to congratulate the Spring 2017 students who have achieved Dean’s List and Honor Roll.

Dean’s List (4.00 - 3.75 Semester GPA)

Tristan Bridges

Emily Brown

Scarlet Houk

Seth Leathermon

Elayna Muller

Hunter Rezanina

Morgen Schmidt

Honor Roll (3.74 - 3.50 Semester GPA)

Daniel Leathermon

Kyler Schmidt

Shaylynn Splattstoesser

Domingo-Rai Torres

Part-Time Honor Roll (4.00 – 3.50 Semester GPA, less than 12 credit hours)

Sarah Amack

Michael Brown

Tommy Clay

Kay Grote

Kellen Hood

George Jensen

Paul Marvel

Warren Steele

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