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Help Keep Summit Christian College Warm!

Summit Christian College's campus boiler has officially broken down beyond repair and must be replaced. As the president of Summit Christian College, I am asking you, our friends and supporters, along with our alumni for help. If you have ever wanted to give a special gift to Summit Christian College, this is a very good time to help the college out. The college needs to raise $35,000 in new support as quickly as possible. The boiler itself will cost the college closer to $45,000 to replace, but we are asking you now to help us raise the $35,000 that is needed to complete this project. The Fall Semester has begun and winter is just around the corner. We are starting the work to replace the boiler now. As the president of Summit Christian College, I am praying and I am asking you to pray along with me, that the college will have raised all the remaining funds needed before the project is actually completed. Your support of Summit Christian College is a truly significant gift, not only to those seeking to pursue the High Call of Christian Service, but also to all who will be blessed by their sacrifices.

Please check out our GoFundMe page to help donate to this cause: Sincerely, David K. Parrish, President of Summit Christian College

Above, our old boiler that had broken down beyond repair is pictured. Please help support our efforts to raise money to replace the boiler!

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