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Praise Banquet is Saturday, Sept. 8

Our 2018 banquet will be held


6:00 P.M.


Call 308-632-6933 for ticket information.

To Attend the Praise Banquet:

If you would like to be a table sponsor (one table seats ten people) call President David Parrish at (308) 632-6933, Ext. 211. If you are interested in attending the Praise Banquet but have not been invited by a sponsor, call Missi Prohs at (308) 632-6933, Ext. 210.

What is it?

  • Excellent Food: Prepared by Culinary Staff at the Gering Civic Center,

  • Exceptional Fellowship: Meet fellow friends and supporters of Summit Christian College along with faculty, staff, trustees and students.

  • Beautiful Music: Presented by Adjunct Music instructor Deanna Goranson and students of Summit Christian College

  • Uplifting and Impassioned Messages: Students of Summit Christian college will have the opportunity to share their perspective on how SCC is making a difference in their lives. The President of Summit Christian College will also be presenting the update on what is taking place at SCC.

  • Opportunity to give: For those looking for an opportunity to participate in the support of Summit Christian College there will be a time near the end of this event where you can give your gifts.

Summit Christian College’s annual Praise Banquet provides those who love and support the ministry of Summit Christian College with an outstanding opportunity to come together and celebrate what God is doing among us. This is a good time to be brought up to date with where the college is in its progress toward achieving its objectives, and it is a great time to see how your support of the college is making a difference in the lives of our students.

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