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Ascend the Summit and Whitewater Rafting!

Ascend the Summit

A group of both students and staff traveled to Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch, near Red Lake, CO in the Roosevelt National Forest, north of Fort Collins about 50 miles, for four days. This was part of the scholarship that the Ascend the Summit Winners received.

The Group

The group included: Melody Korell of Grand Junction, CO, Kyle Kuxhausen of Mitchell, NE, Gavin Marvel of Casper, WY, and Hunter Rezanina who were all Ascend the Summit Scholarship Winners. Their mentors were Tommy & Jenny Clay of Casper, Russell Saito of Alliance, NE, and Kitty Allen, also from Casper.

The logistics crew that attended included David Parrish, Summit Christian College president, and his wife, Alice Parrish, and John States, the Director of Recruitment Services. Summit Christian College students Ben Poole (logistics team) and Brooke Eckerberg (photographer) were also part of this event.

The Event

At Beaver Meadows, the group participated in an Amazing Faith Race, horseback riding and even white water rafting! Every evening at campfire, everyone enjoyed fantastic food including smores, smeeces and smolos! It was four days of fun for everyone.


The group was able to raft for 8 miles down the Poudre River with Whitewater Decents for about 3 hours. Everyone had a blast, as none of the winners had ever ridden horses or been rafting!


ABOVE, you'll see Summit Christian College President David Parrish on the left front of the yellow raft (wearing a black T-shirt). Behind him is his wife Alice (also in a black T-shirt), and behind her is student Brooke Eckerberg (blue T-shirt). On the blue raft behind them, Ben Poole, a student, is standing in the front of the raft on the right side (wearing a black T-shirt). To Ben's left, in the middle of the raft, sits John States, recruitment officer for SCC (wearing a blue shirt).


John and Ben's raft celebrates after a successful rafting trip!


David Parrish helps guide the raft in the front, as Brooke and Alice see what's up ahead.

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