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Our History

Platte Valley Bible College was incorporated in 1951 at Scottsbluff, Nebraska. In August 2005, the college was renamed Summit Christian College to more accurately reflect its mission. Summit Christian Church is historically affiliated with nondenominational, independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ of the Restoration Movement.

Summit Christian College endeavors to educate Christian leaders beyond the boundaries of the North Platte Valley. Summit seeks ministry-minded students who desire to make sound Biblical training part of their lives and leadership. 


The college's inaugural academic year began with Dr. Ellis Baker as its first president. Classes were held in the facilities of the Church at Bryant until 1953, when the college moved to 1702 4th Avenue in Scottsbluff.

For many years, a program of Medical Missions was the unique contribution of the college to the efforts of the Church in the area of world evangelism. The efforts of those dedicated men and women who conducted and staffed the Medical Missions course of study are sincerely appreciated. However, a diminishing demand and personnel for medical missions brought the college to fully transition into its mission of educating leaders for Christian service.


Dr. Baker resigned as president during 1957 because of health. Ellwood Beeman was called to the presidency in 1958. The following year, Gerald Parriott was called to join the faculty. The teamwork of Mr. Beeman as president and Mr. Parriott as Vice President of Academic Affairs had a great stabilizing effect on the college throughout the next twelve years. The growth of the student body from seven to 103 called for expanded facilities. A church building on the corner of 16th Street and 3rd Avenue was purchased. By 1966 a new building was built at that same location. In October 1972 Frank Bush became the president, serving until January of 1979. Mr. Beeman assumed responsibilities of president until July of 1981.


Gerald Parriott became the fourth president of the college July 1, 1981 with Mr. Beeman serving as Vice President of Academic Affairs. This reversal of roles was in accordance with Mr. Beeman's wishes. Mr. Parriott served as president until the fall of 1985, at which time he resigned to return to the classroom full time. Lawrence D. Leathermon accepted the call to serve as president of the college and served November 1985 to March 2001. Mr. Leathermon, as president, and Mr. Parriott, as Vice President of Academic Affairs, worked as a team for the betterment of Platte Valley Bible College from 1985 to 2001. Dr. Parriott was appointed president of the college and Mr. Charles Beard began his work as Vice President of Academic Affairs in 2001.


Jason Hanselman, a 1996 graduate of Platte Valley Bible College, became the sixth president in May of 2003. George Keralis became Vice President of Academic Affairs in 2005. Mr. Hanselman helped the college establish a degree completion program that allowed the college to fulfill its mission of educating leaders in the best and most efficient manner possible.


In June of 2007, Summit Christian College purchased buildings and property at 2025 21st Street in Gering, NE. The property had formerly belonged to Heritage Health Care of Gering. The college immediately began a renovation project that transformed the former health care facility into a modern campus. The college began classes at its new Gering campus in January 2008.


Scott Gribble began serving as the interim president and Merle Powell began serving as the Vice President of Academic Affairs in May of 2008. In the spring of 2009, David Parrish became the seventh president of Summit Christian College. With the Gering campus as its base of operations for its traditional college program and adult continuing education programs, the college has a renewed interest in refining its programs that prepare people for leadership in the areas of ministry, missions, and Christian education.


During the existence of the college, its graduates and former students have worked throughout the United States and around the world preaching the Word of Life.

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