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In loving memory of our good friend and colleague, Jackie Coop,


Jackie Coop embodied what it meant to be a beloved “colleague,” having served first as the Office Secretary for Summit Christian College and then as the Administrative Assistant to the President under several college presidents over the expanse of 23 years of service.    Like all of the SCC staff, Jackie was quite capable of wearing many hats, including serving as the College’s Women Dean of Students for several years.  Whenever the college held an event, Jackie would be there, at the heart of all the work, helping in any way that she could to make sure that the event was a true success. 

As the last College President that Jackie would serve under, I found myself relying heavily on Jackie’s broad scope of relationships that she so naturally formed over the years. Jackie remembered people. We will never forget Jackie for her compassion, kindness, and robust, unrelenting confidence in her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Summit Christian College extends our deep and sincere condolence to Jackie’s family and friends.  May the joy that she now experiences in the presence of Jesus be felt in the hearts of all who love her.  May God’s loving grace fill the empty space where Jackie’s beautiful presence once filled.


Until we meet again,


David K. Parrish


Summit Christian College


Jackie Coop was one of the finest Christian ladies I know. Jackie’s smile would light up the room. The hundreds of people who graced our campus were greeted by Jackie and made to feel welcome and important. What a fine example of a loving wife and mother and Christian leader.

My heart goes out to the Coop family.


Larry Leathermon Sr. 

Former President

Platte Valley Bible College/Summit Christian College


I have many good memories as a professor, Academic Dean, and President working with Jackie at Platte Valley Bible College. Jackie took responsibilities seriously and had a positive attitude always.  She developed an excellent relationship with faculty, staff, and students.

She was trusted and loved by all.


Gerald L. Parriot

Former President

Platte Valley Bible College/Summit Christian College.

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